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Llwyn Celyn Visit 11.11.15

November 18, 2015


From the south looking up to the farmhouse and cowshed to the left. Ferocious wind causes the torn and taut plastic sheeting to whip and writhe, almost breaking free, making an eerie drumming echo as it smashes against the scaffolding. Corrugated iron rooftops are lifted and then crash down . Fast-moving clouds sometimes stretch thin as lace to allow a few spotlights of sun to highlight the  surrounding mountains. I love the line of the crack in the sheep pen wall (right) and the dayglow orange line of the ladder in the middle.



Later I walk in a north easterly direction, over the beautiful Honddu river, and upwards to get a view of the farm from above.  I stop here, mainly as there is a curious and threatening bull in the next field. But it turns out to be the ideal spot; the farm in the middle, with an interesting shape of deciduous conifers on the side of Bryn Arw.  The weather begins to close in and I just have time to catch the darkening purple/blue of the distant mountain and the deep earth-red bracken on Bryn Arw.



This is an exciting find, discovered during the recent stonewalling and hedging event held at Llwyn Celyn. It is probably (yet to be professionally verified) a quern stone, used for grinding corn, from the Neolithic age up to Roman times. It has a lovely smooth bowl shape within the squarish stone. As to the metal object found, on the left, so far it remains a mystery!