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Llwyn Celyn Visit 22nd Feb 2017

March 3, 2017

Things have moved on considerably inside the house since I last visited a couple of months ago. The beautiful arched roof support beams are being replaced where needed, and new windows are being made, all with locally sourced materials wherever possible. I was able to sit in a corner and sketch the craftsmen at work. The bats are being encouraged to return to a new home nearby instead of the main building (Has it got WiFi and BT Sport??)


Making a new window in the downstairs area

In the main entrance hallway and in the living room,  layers of old wallpaper and paint are exposed. There is an amazing cobalt blue coming through, and earth pinks and pale ochres. All my colours! I have started using them in my two big drawings, along with some fragments of the wallpaper. I’ve just made some bold marks so far on the drawings, to cover the paper and make it less intimidating, so I have something to work against instead of having to stare at unsullied white paper. My studio wall is covered in sketches, written ideas, maps, rubbings, prints, poems and quotes. Some will be incorporated into the drawings over the next few months as the drawings develop.



Like abstract paintings!

Prompted by a suggestion from Rebecca Spooner from the Peak project at Arts Alive  to make use of materials on site to draw with, I picked up some fragments of the purple stone roof tiles and some white limestone and have been experimenting with grinding them into dust and making  pigments. I added gum arabic and water, resulting in a rough sandpapery ‘ ink’ in off-white and pale sepia colours. I’ll try it with other materials I find next visit.



Detail of Drawing 1 with tile pigment


Detail of drawing 1 with blue of the wall and some wallpaper fragments


Detail of Drawing 1 – A field named Meadow by House in the 19th century tithe maps


Detail of Drawing 2 with rubbings of old machinery from the site, the cobalt blue and pale ochres and pinks


Detail of Drawing 1 with rubbing from signpost, part of the River Honddu and quote from poem by Brian Aspden