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Llwyn Celyn Visit 25th May 2017

May 26, 2017

It’s Volunteer Week at Llwyn Celyn – students and volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are busy with activities such as re-ponting walls of the outhouses, dry-stone walling and carpentry, using traditional tools and materials.  In the searing temperatures, the atmosphere there today was very relaxed and congenial.



The tarpaulin has been removed to reveal the main building in its re-pointed and limewashed splendour


Re-pointing the South Barn

IMGP1713 (2).JPG

Removing old beams from the Beast House, swallows everywhere



Inside the house,  I took a rubbing from the material called wood wall, made from layers of recycled thin slices of wood, which acts as insulation, sound-proofing and allows for air circulation, like the old wattle and  daub. Amazing stuff. I like the pattern of it, and the round rivets which pin it in place. One to add to the big drawing no.2.

IMGP1719 (2).JPG

Pattern from the new plaster walls


A different type of woven wood panel with larger pieces. A rubbing with chalk onto black tissue paper


The colours of traces of old paper and plaster on the bedroom wall upstairs


Still Life with Digger

Excavating the west wall behind the Solar Range part of the house