Llwyn Celyn Walk and Visit



IMGP1759 (2)

In late September 2017 I did a circular walk to get a different view of Llwyn Celyn from above.  I walked eastwards – over the Honddu river, past Strawberry Cottage, through Strawberry Hill Wood.  The leaves were beginning to turn golden and the bracken a deep rusty orange. You get a great view from there of the field shapes all the way up to the Gaer hillfort.  What looked like bundles of hay were gathered in the Orchard field by the house, in the shadow of the giant conifer. The drawing will form part of my ‘map’ piece, with a description of the walk.



Llwyn Celyn is beginning to look amazing with the new plasterwork and newly crafted windows being fitted. I made a site visit on October 26th. I love the detail of some of the latches which have been  used from the original windows, in the form of a fist:


There have been two exciting new discoveries at Llwyn Celyn recently. One is that the oldest part of the building dates back even further than previously thought, probably to the early 1420s (see Landmark Trust blog). The other is the discovery of a medieval archway in the Hall, underneath brickwork and plaster. It was most likely the entrance to a stairway winding up to the first floor, though no evidence of the top of the stairs has been found so far.





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